The importance of paper machine blankets

February 21, 2021

Latest company news about The importance of paper machine blankets

The importance of paper machine blankets



Paper press felt is a dewatering fabric used in the press part of a paper machine.


Its main functions are:


1) Absorb the water squeezed from the wet paper;

2) In the nip, the pressure can be evenly distributed on the wet paper sheet, and it can support the wet paper sheet to prevent embossing;

3) Under various nip modes such as vacuum, groove, blind hole press roll, etc., it can equalize the pressure on the solid part and the area of ​​the groove (or eye hole), thereby reducing the "shadow marks" formed on the paper. ;

4) The felt needs to support the wet paper sheet and send it from the forming part to the drying part, and play the role of transferring the wet paper sheet;

5) Provide the finishing function of the paper, and endow the paper with the desired surface properties;

6) During the pressing operation, the felt drives the rotation of all the driven rollers in the press section and also acts as a transmission belt.


There are many factors to improve product quality and paper machine efficiency, but the most critical is paper machine fabric. Paper machine fabric is very important for improving paper machine operating efficiency and paper quality.

In paper machine fabrics, the role of felts is very important. Early felts are only suitable for low-speed paper machines with little and slow dehydration, and it is difficult to meet the large and rapid dewatering requirements of high-speed paper machines. High-speed paper machines require higher Performance felt.


Press felt not only plays an extremely important role in the papermaking process, but also a prerequisite for the continuous development of papermaking equipment technology. Especially in the groove press, the performance of the felt not only determines the quality of the paper, but also determines the paper machine. Production efficiency.


The quality of the paper machine fabric not only affects the size of the paper machine's dewatering, that is, the cost of dewatering each part of the paper machine, but also determines its own cost.


Paper machine fabrics have an extremely important impact on the papermaking production process. Paper producers can effectively control production costs by correctly selecting paper machine fabrics.


Forming fabrics, felts, and dryer fabrics, which are components of paper machine fabrics, can help minimize other costs, such as energy consumption.


The relative cost of dewatering of each part of the paper machine is shown in the figure below:



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The figure above shows the dewatering capacity of the forming section, the pressing section and the drying section as well as the comparison of the cost of each ton of water removal.


It can be seen that the forming part and the pressing part remove most of the moisture in the paper. In terms of dehydration cost, the forming part and the pressing part are much lower than the drying part.


Therefore, improving the dewatering performance of the forming wire and felt is of great significance for reducing the dewatering cost per ton of water. If the service life of the felt can be increased and its dewatering performance can be improved, it can comprehensively reduce other production costs of papermaking.






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