How to solve the problems of paper machine failure?

May 24, 2023

Latest company news about How to solve the problems of paper machine failure?

What do you know about the paper machinery equipment failures? Equipment failures in paper making process always is a annoying problem,So how to identify and solve the problems in the papermaking process?

What are the problems in the management and maintenance of papermaking machine?

Lack of professional management workers

In people's traditional impression, the paper industry is a basic work that can be completed by destroying, organizing, and then washing some high fiber tissues. However, in the actual work process of paper mills, the overall technology and high pollution environment belong to high-risk industries because the overall processing process is very dangerous and the environmental conditions are also very harsh.


At the same time, in the process of managing some mechanical equipment, many management personnel have different salaries compared to management personnel in other industries. Therefore, in the overall process of talent attraction, it is impossible to recruit relevant high-tech talents. Moreover, the series of systems established within itself cannot effectively motivate employees, which leads to a significant loss of talent in the paper mill every year.In order to meet the normal operation of the paper mill, it is necessary to attract talents from its mechanical equipment management personnel and change its own management system. Otherwise, the paper mill needs to invest more energy and cost in the management of mechanical equipment in order to maintain the normal operation of the factory.


Backward equipment maintenance measures


During the construction process, due to the harsh application environment and high temperature, many mechanical equipment may malfunction due to the effects of high temperature and dust during operation. This also makes it necessary to ensure that the basic maintenance work of each mechanical equipment is in place before starting work, This can reduce the mechanical damage caused by the environment.


At the current stage, due to talent limitations, it is common for maintenance personnel to be unable to fully perform their job functions during maintenance, which has led to many equipment being damaged during operation, resulting in a shortened lifespan. At the same time, due to the difficulty and high technical level of basic equipment maintenance work, many practitioners are subjectively unwilling to carry out this work.


Therefore, in many cases, when carrying out mechanical equipment maintenance, many mechanical maintenance personnel do not repair damaged parts but instead adopt replacement methods to solve the problem. This not only increases the overall basic cost investment of the paper mill, but also leads to maintenance employees being unable to improve their technical skills, and thus, in the event of a major hazardous accident, they cannot effectively repair the equipment, In turn, it will bring more economic losses to the paper mill and also pose certain risks to its own working environment.


Severe aging of equipment


For some small paper enterprises, in order to ensure the control of funds, the overall cost investment for some projects has been reduced. For some unnecessary mechanical personnel, cost control is more reflected in the cutting of personnel, and also in the purchase of some new equipment, which also makes it impossible to replace equipment in time, increasing the workload of maintenance personnel, and also leading to the continuous increase of maintenance costs.


At the same time, due to equipment not being replaced in a timely manner, it will also make it impossible for it to achieve normal output through the full play of its own functions during the work process. Additionally, due to the aging of the equipment, more hazardous substances will be discharged into the wastewater, which also increases the investment in treatment costs during the later stage of water treatment.


In the process of mechanical application, the insufficient capacity of mechanical equipment can also lead to its inability to achieve an increase in production through mechanized upgrading, which can slow down the development speed of the enterprise and result in a situation where the gains outweigh the losses.


Separation between application and maintenance


Although many paper making enterprises have implemented a responsibility system of fixed personnel and positions, the process of formulating this system has overlooked the specific responsibility customization of dedicated personnel for the maintenance system. Therefore, this has also led to the difficulty in dividing the rights and responsibilities of mechanical equipment during daily maintenance due to the lack of regulations, which is precisely because of the existence of this phenomenon, This has also led to many operators only producing related industries through the use of mechanical equipment during the operation process, without being able to effectively evaluate the operating status of their equipment, and also unable to handle some simple problems through the exercise of their own abilities.


In this regard, whenever there is a equipment malfunction during the relevant operation process, it often leads to the shifting of responsibility between maintenance personnel and operators. This not only seriously affects production, but also makes the enterprise constrained by various factors during operation.


For some enterprises, in the process of development, they have not set their sights on the longer term. In the production process, they only focus on improving economic efficiency. This can also lead to internal operations, where management personnel are unable to fulfill their management responsibilities and often work continuously to seize the project schedule, which can lead to long-term overload of machinery and equipment, Causing damage to its own parts or inability to achieve relevant internal adjustments can also lead to a series of problems during its operation, resulting in the need for a large amount of funding to make up for the maintenance of mechanical equipment in the later stages.


What are the solutions to the problems in the management and maintenance of papermaking machine?

Improve management system

In response to the series of phenomena described earlier, it is necessary to improve the establishment of its internal management structure, and then establish a unified division of responsibilities and systems. Only in this way can comprehensive management be ensured by dedicated personnel, and the establishment of rights and responsibilities for relevant personnel can be achieved through the effective exercise of management functions. Only then can personnel at all levels be motivated to work actively and ensure that dedicated personnel are on duty, The effective application and maintenance management of mechanical equipment can be achieved through the functions of relevant personnel, which can effectively reduce a series of problems caused by improper management and insufficient maintenance in the production of mechanical equipment.


At the same time, in order to ensure the effective implementation of its management process and promote the effective implementation of various tasks, it is also necessary to develop corresponding incentive systems and punishment measures, so as to achieve effective internal management through the application of the system and ensure that relevant personnel can improve their work efficiency in accordance with the provisions of the system, in order to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.

Do inspection well

Inspection work is the most basic equipment management work, and with the continuous development of technology, the applied technology is more inclined towards the application of integrated technology. Therefore, traditional point-to-point inspection methods can no longer meet the basic operation of equipment.


In order to ensure that the mechanical equipment can reduce a series of problems caused by poor operation of the equipment itself during operation, it is also necessary to judge the overall operation status of the mechanical equipment through inspection work, so as to effectively eliminate faults in the bud and grasp the real-time dynamics of the overall equipment during operation, so as to detect some equipment problems as soon as possible, Only then can effective measures be applied to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


Strengthen the maintenance of equipment


Effective maintenance of equipment can ensure that it can achieve an increase in its own production during operation. Because only by strengthening maintenance can the phenomenon of equipment failure and damage be reduced, and at the same time, the operation status of the equipment can be better adjusted, which can promote the overall smoothness of its operation and thereby increase its overall output. In this regard, only by strengthening effective maintenance of equipment can the application life of the equipment be extended, thereby reducing cost investment.


Hiring professional workers


In order to effectively implement relevant regulations and maintain equipment, it is necessary to hire professional talents in order to achieve effective management of their equipment. In this regard, it is necessary to do a good job in talent drainage and ensure that specialized positions and certificates are obtained, in order to achieve the unity of positions and certificates, and thereby reduce the occurrence of equipment failures caused by non professional talents being unable to effectively manage their equipment.




The development of a paper mill cannot be separated from the effective management of management personnel, and at the same time, it cannot be separated from the maintenance of mechanical equipment by maintenance personnel. Only by doing a good job in the operation of basic work can we ensure effective development and promote the continuous improvement of its economic benefits.