How to solve the problem of paper performance?

February 27, 2023

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There are many types of paper, but the use of paper is basically printed and text printing, so the printing properties of paper are important indicators to measure the performance of paper.The quality of paper performance is related to the quality of printing products.Therefore, the correct understanding and understanding of the performance of paper is of great significance to accurately grasp the printing process of printing and ensure the quality of printing products.


What is ten performances of paper?

  • Surface intensity
  • Ink absorption
  • Smoothness
  • Gloss
  • Water content
  • Acid and alkalinity
  • Two sides
  • Two -sides various opposite aspect
  • Whiteness
  • Opaque lightness and other characteristics


What are the mechanisms of surface sizing effect?



Definition of surface glue technology


Surface glue technology,It forms a continuous glue film on the surface of the paper pages by adopting membrane materials. After drying, a layer of film is formed to prevent the infiltration of the liquid and obtain good surface performance. It can also improve the physical indicators of paper and cardboard.



Electricity adsorption mechanism


The electrostatic adsorption mechanism refers to the combination of hydrophilic bases in the adsorbent through static adsorption to combine the inside with paper fiber, and the hydrophobic base is arranged towards the outside, so as to achieve the purpose of water hate.



Film-forming mechanism


Film forming mechanism refers to the formation of a glue film on the surface of the paper after the surface sizing agent acts on the paper, so as to improve the performance of the paper.



What are the ways to improve paper performance?


Surface sizing can be divided into internal sizing and external sizing. In-machine sizing is carried out on a paper machine and is widely used. Out-of-machine sizing is to apply the finished roll of paper on a special sizing device outside the paper machine. It is mostly used for special paper of wet impregnation or wet pressing, and is generally used less.


Material pool -type surface appliance


The traditional pool type surface sizing is still widely used in low speed. It is applicable to the long screen paper machine with speed less than 500m/min, which is divided into roller type and slot type. The roller type can be divided into horizontal type, vertical type and inclined type.

The amount of glue application method is largely controlled to a large extent through the solid content of the glue solution and the depth of the paper immersed in the adhesive.


Membrane surface sizing


Film sizing, also known as film transfer sizing, is mainly applicable to the production of high-quality paper and the operation on high-speed paper machines. At present, this method is used by Liwen, Jiulong, etc.

By using different forms of measuring devices, the rubber is first coated on a transfer roller, which then transfers the rubber on the roll surface to the feeding roller in contact with the paper. The rubber forms a uniformly distributed film on the surface of the feeding roller, and then the film is transferred to the paper surface by the feeding roller. Its feature is that the amount of glue on the bottom layer can be measured and controlled separately. At present, the coating head metering membrane press is a relatively common surface sizing technology.




Most of the paper machines in China are equipped with coating machines and use chemicals based on surface sizing agents. The types of surface sizing agents used can be roughly divided into cationic lotion type and AKD type, with the purpose of giving water resistance. The surface sizing agent is also used for general corrugated base paper, because the ambient humidity is very high in summer in China, and the purpose of use is to ensure the strength at high humidity.