How to affect the efficiency of the paper machine for pressing the blanket?

March 15, 2023

Latest company news about How to affect the efficiency of the paper machine for pressing the blanket?


What do you know about the operating efficiency of the paper machine? The correct selection of the press blanket is one of the factors that affect the operating efficiency of the paper machine. Today I show you seven ways to improve the operating efficiency of the paper machine without false or "advanced" suggestions. It's just crazy and feasible advice.


What is paper machine efficiency?

Several industry standards exist globally

  • Be careful when comparing numbers
  • Determine if your internal company method is a modification from a standard


Most methods use the product of time and material efficiencies called overall efficiency

  • Time efficiency also called uptime or availability
  • Material efficiency also called first quality or percent salable


Differences in methods are usually from

  • How available time is calculated
  • How production is defined
  • And if a speed factor is used


How to select appropriate blankets?

  • There are many manufacturers of blankets, and the types and models of blankets are even more dazzling.


  • The selection of blankets depends on the variety, quantity, surface requirements of the paper produced, the nature of the pulp, the type of pressing, the use environment of the blankets, and the cleaning conditions.


  • When selecting blankets, the technical parameters of the paper machine should be taken as the basis to make the blankets better meet the actual needs of the paper machine, so as to improve the dewatering efficiency of the press section, improve the dryness of the wet paper, reduce the breaking of the wet paper in the press section, and ensure the high-speed and efficient operation of the press section.


with reference to the previous use of blankets to choose

  • For the normal operation of the paper machine, in the re-selection of paper blankets, you must refer to the previous use of papermaking blankets to improve the situation, so as to the variety of blankets, quantitative, air permeability, thickness and other special requirements to make the right choice, So that the re-selection of paper blankets more adapt to the needs of paper machines to prevent improper selection of blankets caused by the production of abnormal factors.


with the blanket supplier of technical personnel exchange

  • With the continuous improvement of papermaking technology, the matching performance of papermaking blankets is also increasing, so the performance of papermaking blankets more refined, more and more varieties, but also in the process of producing papermaking blankets need Adjust the factors are still a lot, these undoubtedly to the mill`s engineering and technical personnel in the choice of blankets brought a lot of trouble. With the blanket supplier technician regular technical exchange is a good way to really make the papermaking blanket is designed next to the paper machine.


Seven methods improve the operating efficiency of the paper machine

1.Fast replacement of blankets

  • When the working performance of the blanket cannot meet the production requirements, it should be replaced with a new blanket as soon as possible, otherwise the paper machine cannot operate at the normal speed, which will also have a negative impact on the product quality.


  • Changing blankets is a time-consuming and laborious work, and the time required depends on the structure of the press, the type and size of blankets, the working environment, and the proficiency of workers.


  • Replacement of blankets is a time -consuming and laborious job. It takes time to depend on the body structure, blanket variety and size, working environment, and proficiency of workers.

We should start from the following aspects,In order to save the time of replacing the press blanket.


  • Try to arrange the replacement of blankets during shutdown and maintenance.


  • The design of the frames, rollers, boxes and other components of the squeezing part should be scientific and reasonable. It has sufficient distance and space. The platform, rack, and roller boxes should be easy to disassemble and hang out.


  • Try to increase the number of idlers in the outer ring of blanket operation, reduce the number of idlers in the inner ring of blanket operation, and minimize the number of idlers on the premise of meeting the operation requirements of pressing blanket.



  • When replacing the hard, tight, and thick blanket, the dedicated traction band can be configured with a dedicated bear claw tong or a dedicated traction band on the driving side of the blanket, so that the operator traction the blanket to enter the side of the transmission side.


2.Shorten the initial adaptation period of the blanket


  • After the new blanket is put on the machine, its surface smoothness, surface fiber arrangement direction, moisture content and permeability can not meet the requirements of the paper machine running at normal speed and producing high-quality products.


  • Therefore, after the new blanket is on the machine, it needs to be operated for a certain period of time or use it for a while at a low speed to achieve the ideal state of use.


  • After the initial adaptation period, the water capacity of the blanket reaches the ideal state, with moderate permeability and smooth dehydration; The surface is flat and dense, without paste, and the transfer of wet paper is smooth, so that the paper machine can reach the normal production speed.


  • Different blankets, the length of the initial adaptation period is different. In actual production, the shorter the initial adaptation time of the blanket is better. not only can the paper machine quickly enter the high-speed operation state, but also can improve the quality of paper production, reduce the paper recycling and reduce the rate of defective product


Measures to shorten the initial adaptation period of blankets

  • On the one hand, the production process of the press blanket should be reasonably formulated, and the ideal blanket performance can be obtained by adopting the reasonable needle-punching process, water washing, pressure setting process, the structure of the blanket, and the thickness and thickness of the ply fiber;


  • On the other hand, after the new blanket is put on the machine, a certain pressure can be applied during the idling process, or 5% lye can be added for swelling, and the Yankee drying cylinder can also be filled with 0.1MPa steam for blanket hot pressing, so that the performance of the blanket can quickly reach the best state.


3.Strengthen the maintenance of the blanket

  • The paper machine should also strengthen the maintenance of the blanket during the normal operation, keep the blanket in good performance, ensure that the paper machine runs at high speed and produces high -quality products, and can extend the life of the blanket to reduce production costs.


The main work of blanket maintenance includes:


  • Frequently check the position of the blanket to prevent the blanket from being discounted or deviated, or it will cause mechanical damage to the blanket and force the blanket off the machine.


  • Maintain proper and stable tension. If the tension of the blanket is too small, it is easy to slip and seriously affect the paper quality.


  • If the tension is too large, it will affect the dehydration, shorten the life of the blanket, and increase the stress of the roller of the press section, which is easy to cause equipment damage.


Blanket washing

  • According to the investigation and analysis, 95% of the reasons why blankets are removed from the machine are due to dirt blocking, while mechanical wear and other reasons only account for 5%, so it is very important to strengthen the washing of blankets.


  • Wash the dirt that adheres to the surface of the blanket and accumulate in the blanket, and restore the elasticity and loosening of the blanket,


  • Keep the good water permeability, moisture content and permeability of the blanket, so as to prolong the service life of the blanket, ensure the efficient and energy-saving operation of the paper machine, improve the output and quality, and reduce the consumption of the blanket.


  • The blanket is an important consumable for the operation of the papermaking machine. It not only affects the quality, output and finished product rate of paper created, but also has an important impact on the operating speed and energy consumption of the paper machine


  • Therefore, blanket is one of the important factors that affect the efficient operation of the paper machine.


  • In production, appropriate blankets should be selected to achieve the best adaptation with the produced paper and paper machine;


  • In terms of production, the right blanket should be selected, which can reach the best adaptation with the paper and paper machines produced;



  • Quickly replace the blanket and shorten the initial adaptation period of the new blanket to improve the effective operation time of the paper machine; it should also be strengthened to maintain the blanket to maintain the good dewater performance of the blanket, so that the paper machine can operate efficiently.


4.Reduce Friction of Machinery

  • The reason why industrial machinery can never work at full 100 percent efficiency is because of friction. Friction creates heat and can adversely affect the process the machine is operating.


  • You might not be able to completely eradicate friction in the machine, but you can reduce it to heighten the efficiency by regularly lubricating it.



5.Reducing number of errors.


  • Efficiency can only be achieved if the number of errors is minimal. For a paper mill to run smoothly and efficiently, the number of errors should be zero. It can only be obtained by hiring the right personnel and buying modern machinery.


  • The paper making machine supplier looks to provide machines with minimum errors so that the paper mill can run smoothly and efficiently. If you implement the zero error system in a paper mill, it will make the paper mill more efficient than it was before.


6.Making the quality control department better

  • All paper mills have a quality control department. Before the product goes commercial, it is checked by the quality control department. To make the quality control department, by assisting them with modern technology, they will evaluate the products more thoroughly and better, making the product have fewer or zero errors. The paper making machine supplier has machinery which produces products that don't require any checking by the quality department.


  • Paper mills run on machinery and employees; running a paper mill is pretty easy if you have the right employees and machinery. Regarding efficiency, it can easily be improved by the same factors by having the right machinery and qualified staff.



7.Optimizing the machinery


  • Optimizing the machinery to the latest settings will not only make energy consumption but will also make the machinery efficient. In a way, optimizing the machinery will make the paper mill more efficient. If you cannot buy modern machinery from the paper making machine supplier, you should optimize the machinery to the latest settings instead.