5 Reasons Why Paper Machines Stop

February 7, 2023

Latest company news about 5 Reasons Why Paper Machines Stop

The equipment flow of the paper machine production line is long, the specifications and models are complex and there are many systems. In the process, no matter which single machine or component is damaged, it will lead to a complete shutdown and cause certain economic losses to you.Therefore, equipment maintenance is the basic condition to ensure the normal production of the paper mill, and is also a key point of equipment maintenance management.

In this article we are going to discuss causes and solutions of common faults for papermaking machines.


Generally speaking, there are two types of paper machine shutdown faults:

Production inherent downtime Component function decline
  Replacement of equipment
Paper machine equipment downtime Wear and tear



Production inherent downtime:

1.Component function decline

In the process of using the wet-end water filtering and dewatering elements, the function will decline, the water filtering and dewatering cannot meet the initial effect.


2. Replacement of equipment

In the production process of paper machine, due to its particularity and complexity, there are many equipment failure points for equipment failure, and equipment downtime often occur.There are many characteristics such as the failure cycle and the maintenance time occupied, and the difficulty of management.

Some parts have a short service life, and the frequency of spare parts is relatively high.

The press rubber roll and stone roll are worn by the contact of paper and scraper, and the middle height of the roll surface changes, which affects the product quality.

The replacement of process equipment, for example, when the copper mesh and flet meet the service life, they should be replaced regularly.


Paper machine equipment downtime:

1.Wear and tear

The causes mainly include long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, wool cloth or forming paper wear parts and equipment, such as pulper, pulp pump, vacuum box panel, desander, calender roll, press roll, etc..

Another reason is due to the frequent movement of parts between parts, such as the steam inlet head, vacuum roller, scraper, cylinder and vacuum pump.



Mechanical rotation has a direct relationship with bearings. For paper machines with rotating rollers, there are many types and quantities of rollers, and there are hundreds of bearings of various types.

Therefore, the lubrication management is extremely necessary, especially under the influence of water, heavy load and high temperature, the lubricating oil is prone to evaporation, loss and aging, resulting in damage to the lubrication effect, leading to bearing damage and shaft head wear problems.

Therefore, the regular inspection of lubricating oil is extremely necessary.



Real-load and continuous operation of machinery are prone to fatigue damage. In the papermaking machine, due to the constraints of the mechanical structure and operating principles of some parts, the parts cannot have much design intensity.

Avoid damage to the occurrence, and can be solved by measures such as maintenance technical reform.